Merrill Osmond has achieved many awards during his career…

Honorary Chairman - The Utah Special Olympics

Honorary Chairman for his work with The Utah Special Olympics.

Patron of The Hearing Fund UK, a charity founded by his son, Justin, to help children living with hearing loss and raise awareness globally. Each year Merrill produces The Hearing Fund UK Gala. He is also President of The Olive Osmond Hearing Fund US,  the annual ‘Utah Pioneer Pageant’

Merrill has worked closely with the production of President Ronald Reagans Inauguration and in 1989  was invited to produce the Inaugural Ball for President George H Bush.

Executive Producer of The Donny & Marie show that aired on ABC-TV.

Lead Singer of The Osmonds, together achieving 27 Gold and Platinum records.

Two Grammy Award nominations.

In 2003, The Osmond Family were honoured for their achievements in the entertainment industry with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Honoured to receive a Brick in the Wall by The Cavern Liverpool